Hi everyone, I'm Kelly and I have been offered an amazing chance to run the 2023 London Marathon for Khandel light. After a chat with a friend at a party recently who is a treasurer and trustee of the Hertfordshire based charity, she explained in some detail the extent of the work of Khandel light and the simple but life changing opportunity’s they provide for these young people, which I for one am quite guilty of taking for granted. Providing education and in turn giving them the tools to provide a better future for themselves. Please donate if you can, it will be hugely appreciated. 

Khandel light works to improve the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged families in Khandel and its surrounding villages situated in the desert State of Rajasthan, India.

Lack of water, jobs, education and opportunity has resulted in migration to even greater deprivation in the large cities of India and beyond.

This is a familiar story in a world in which 1 billion people live in extreme poverty (on less than $1.25 per day).

Through a model of community-to-community partnership and empowerment we aim to help people gain confidence, independence and the capability to make choices about their future.

Khandel light’s involvement with its adopted community of 35,000 people living in 26 villages in Rajasthan follows the developmental hierarchy described by Abraham Maslow as long ago as 1943. 
Through the involvement of Khandel light our communities have first satisfied their physiological needs (water and food) followed in turn by their safety needs (housing, employment, toilets, health camps, veterinary camps, emergency relief, fodder for cattle), love and belonging needs (medical camps, village health workers, women’s groups, temple visits, antenatal care, training and awareness camps, monthly village meetings), esteem needs (education, empowerment of women and girls) and finally the achievement of aspirations, capability (exemplified by our “Learn and Earn” tailoring courses and computer courses) and an awareness of Community.

If adopted by other community partnerships we believe that the Khandel light model would have a significant impact on global poverty, migration and gender inequality

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Khandel light

Khandel light, a registered charity, was created in June 2000 by Dr Peter Gough, following his first visit to Khandel, Rajasthan. Dr Gough formed a committee of ten volunteer Trustees, drawing together a broad range of skills and expertise. The Trustees sought to improve the quality of life in this desert region, one of the poorest in India and indeed the World.

The community currently supported by Khandel light consists of 26 villages with a total population of around 30,000, covering an area of approximately 300 square kilometers (120 square miles). This is roughly equivalent to the rural section of the North Hertfordshire District, around the towns of Baldock, Hitchin, Letchworth and Royston.


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